Stored photos of visitors


To consult the photos stored in the memory, regardless of whether they were taken manually or during your absence, press the photo pictogram : the following screen appears :


Note: in the yellow zone at the top left, X/XX indicates the number of the new photo and the number of photos not yet viewed. The blue zone at the bottom left indicates the date and time of the photo displayed.
All photos not consulted are surrounded by a yellow box.

Via this screen, it is possible to:
• move to the following photo by pressing the touch-sensitive key corresponding to the down arrow :

Note: after beginning to scroll through the photos, the up arrow enables you to access the previous photo and the down arrow provides access to the next photo.


• delete the photo displayed by pressing the touch-sensitive key corresponding to the dustbin :


Note: press the touch-sensitive key to finalise the action.


Note: press the home touch-sensitive key to return to the start screen.

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