Saving the gate motorisation in the monitor’s memory


  • Bring the monitor to the gate motorisation and connect it using the mains adaptor (A).
  • Press on the touch-sensitive key corresponding to the location of the piece of equipment to be memorised.
  • Select the pictogram which represents the product to be memorised:

  • Open the motorisation cover to access the electronics.


  • Press on the power button of your electronics for 2 seconds (if this button does not exist, continue directly to the next step). The indicator light is lit on the electronics.
  • Place the monitor on the target on the motor electronic unit (B).
    Important: The left-hand section of the monitor must be placed on the electronic unit target so that the monitor can be correctly detected by the motor electronics.
  • Press the touch-sensitive key corresponding to the arrow to pair the monitor with the product and move on to the next step.

  • The indicator light for the motorisation comes on then goes out (C).

  • Press the touch-sensitive keys corresponding to the commands and and check the behaviour of the paired product.

If the product in question reacts correctly, press the touch-sensitive key corresponding to validate.

If you press on it , the paired product is displayed on the right of the start screen.



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