Connecting to the gate / or pedestrian gate (step 3)


/!\  In order to remote control your gate/pedestrian gate, please make sure that the video door phone call station is correctly wired to the gate motor, or the pedestrian gate’s electric latch. Otherwise, it will not be controllable via the “Somfy Protect” app



/!\  In compliance with standard EN 12453 on the safe use of motorised doors and gates, using a video entry phone to control an automatic gate that may not be visible to the user necessarily requires the installation of a photoelectric cell-type security device on this automated system.
Failure to comply with these instructions absolves Somfy of any liability resulting from damage that may be caused.


1 /  Switch the power supply to your Somfy gate motor off.

2 /  Remove the cover from the control cabinet or from the motor containing the electronics.

3 /  Connect the door station dry contact output (COM and NO) to the drive electronics. If connecting the door station is not explained in the drive manual, follow the instructions for connecting a key switch


When the drive is solar-powered, the wired controls are deactivated. It can only be controlled by RTS radio control via the indoor monitor.
To connect the door station to another gate drive model, please refer to the relevant installation guide.


Connect terminal blocks L- and L+ of the door station to the electric latch.
Observe the correct polarity: refer to the electric latch instructions. The latch activation time (2, 5 or 10 seconds) is set via the “Settings” menu on the indoor monitor.

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