Installing the door station of the V®350 Connect (step 2)


We advise you to install the door station at a height of about 1.60 m and to avoid placing the camera opposite a light source, as this may reduce the quality of the images/videos taken of the visitors. 


1 /  Route all the cables in the rain shield, then fasten it to the wall/pillar.



2 /  On the door station, connect:

  • the cable of the indoor monitor to the terminal blocks M+ and M-.
    The polarity is irrelevant.
  • The cable from the electric latch of the gate to the terminal blocks L+ and L-.
  • The cable from the gate drive to the dry contact output (COM and NO) 


Tip: Using the screwdriver, press the square notch, insert the cable then release (see drawing). 



3 /  Place the door station in the rain shield and screw it in using the assembly key supplied (E).

4 /  Install the name plate:

a). Turn the call button anticlockwise to the engraved marking then remove.
b). Remove the round membrane to access the name plate label.
c). Write your name on the white label using a permanent marker, then refit the label and its cove in the housing.
d). Reassemble the call button on the door station using the marks, and then turn clockwise until it locks.



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