Installing the indoor monitor (step 1)


Prerequisite for radio-controlling your Somfy RTS gate motor

Your indoor monitor can control a Somfy RTS gate motor by dry contact and radio control. In the case of radio control, the gate motor cannot be controlled remotely.
Do not fasten the monitor to the wall and refer to the advanced settings in the article :

How to save the gate motorization in the monitor memory with a V®350?


1 /  Screw the mounting bracket to the wall.

The mounting lugs must come out towards you (A).

Ensure that the cables protruding from the wall are routed inside the mounting bracket (B).

If the cables do not protrude from the wall, do not route them inside the bracket and use the cable tray provided for this purpose (C).


2 /  Strip the cables protruding from the wall along a length of 10 mm.


3 /  On the rear of the monitor, insert the 2 power supply cables up to the stop blocks on terminal block DC 24V [7-1], observing the correct polarity.

You must use the mains adapter supplied with the monitor or the DIN rail power supply available as an option (ref. 9026469).
Do not switch the installation on yet.

4 /  Insert the 2 power supply cables of the door station up to the stop blocks on terminal CS/Call station [7-2].
The polarity is irrelevant.

5 /  Check that the cables are correctly inserted into the terminal blocks by pulling them gently, then place them in the notch provided for this purpose (D).



6 /  Fasten the monitor to the wall bracket by sliding it gently downwards until the stop block.





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