What should I do if I get the error message: "No video doorphone has been detected"?


The installation of the video doorphone was unsuccessful, and you are blocked by the message: "No video doorphone has been detected".


Make sure that the video doorphone is plugged directly into a wall socket. The LED lights up (solid or flashing), the screen should light up. If it doesn't light up, make sure that the cables are correctly inserted in the terminal block.



Make sure you have installed the connected video doorphone within range of your box/router.


Make sure the LED is flashing blue.

If the LED is solid blue or is not lit, then the video doorphone must be reset. 



1. Use the supplied reset pin,

2. Insert the pin into the reset button until the LED starts flashing red,


After a few moments, the LED should flash blue. 


Once you've completed these steps, try to connect again.

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